Global Entry Wait Times & Appointment Trends | US Enrollment Center Data

A Look at Global Entry Wait Times:
By the Numbers

We like data here at Global Entry Spotter. This page offers insights about the Global Entry program's wait times based on real-time data.

The map below provides a visual representation of Global Entry enrollment centers across the United States, color-coded to indicate current wait times for interviews. Each dot corresponds to a specific enrollment center, with colors ranging from green (short wait times) to red (long wait times). This real-time data allows you to quickly identify the centers with the quickest turnaround.

Location Probability Learn More
Anchorage Enrollment Center
Anchorage, AK
10% Location Details
Huntsville Global Entry Enrollment Center
Huntsville, AL
99% Location Details
Fairbanks Enrollment Center
Fairbanks, AK
95% Location Details